Sunday, February 25, 2007

Converted Blag to GBlag

I just caved and converted my Blogger blog to the new Google format/layout/whatever, and as a result, was forced removed the 'valid xhtml 1.0' banner since the website isn't even REMOTELY valid anymore. Thanks a lot, Google.

After some testing with the W3C Validator and different doctype declarations, I found that the ~800 validation errors are nearly ALL caused by Blogger not escaping its URLs properly (e.g. page.g?arg1=blah&arg2=blah), as well as using Javascript to write HTML tags to each page. Until Google fixes these two problems, it is impossible to get your blog to validate since no doctype declaration allows for unescaped URLs. <:-[


Erik said...

If you host your site yourself (instead of letting Google/Blogger host it), it will can valid (at least, mine is).

Cathy said...

I was very unhappy about this too. I resisted the conversion for a long time, and felt coerced to change to the new blogger without knowing the effects of the change.