Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sin City - the way comics should be made info movies

A few days ago, I went to see Sin City with a few friends (after the usual fast-food run before that). I really gotta say, that movie rocks! It has to be one of the best comic-to-movie adaptations so far, if you're going for a great story with good acting. For great action shots, of course, you have to see Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2.
But anyway, Sin City really is an awesome movie. What's not to love about the 'Marv' character who's basically a human tank with a really bad attitude and a dark sense of humour? I mean, really, he gets shot in the chest like 5 times throughout the movie and run down by a speeding car a few times, and he just GETS UP. ('Don't worry, it's just a few scratches.') Nice job Mickey Rourke! I like that bit about this movie - characters don't just play dead after being shot once.

The one thing I really was afraid of wasn't there - Hale Berry. When I first saw the movie poster (you know the one) and the trailer, I feared Hale Berry was starring some main part in it. And I really hate that woman. Not because she's black, but because she's a shitty actress with less sex-appeal than a doormat. After scrolling through the cast list on IMDb, it appeared she wasn't even on the list. Great, I thought, she has this teeny-weeny role in the movie with 6 words, and she's on the frigging movie poster?? Phew. She wasn't. Rosario Dawson really was a much better choice. I just love the look of sadism in a woman's eyes. ;)

Another small thing that disappointed me was that even though Quentin Tarantino is the special guest director, he didn't manage to squeeze his 'muse' into the movie: Uma Thurman. God, what I'd have given to see that woman dance like Jessica Alba did in that movie. Hmmmm... (on a side note, the swords Miho uses are the exact same as the ones in Kill Bill :)

All in all, Sin City reminded me of the first Matrix movie a bit. The camerawork is similar, with those impossible angles, close-ups and positions you'll only see in a comic book. Really cool. Definitely worth its money.

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