Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"I think France should be next."

Here's a funny video from where an (Australian) man asks Americans on the street 'in terms of the War on Terror, which country do you think should we invade next?'. He carries a world map and asks people to put a pin in their country of choice. Answers range from 'Korea - hey're trouble' to 'They'll make a big glass crater out of the entire Middle East, for all I care'.

Now, this would be fun enough for me - watching Americans struggle with non-USA geography and spend a few minutes looking for Sri Lanka in South Africa. But there's more. THEY SWITCHED ALL THE COUNTRY NAMES! So imagine my surprise when the last guy puts a pin in 'North Korea' where Australia is located, and then the camera zooms in to show that Australia is actually labelled 'NORTH KOREA'!
That makes it even funnier ^_^ no one even notices the switched labels!

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Kameel said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hi, oh god damn americans are dumb. Wait, and these people have the biggest military arsenal in the world. Shit, doesn't seem funny anymore somehow...